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What have we been up to?

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

We haven't been up to much honestly. We've been layin' low!

We visited the Biltmore House and it was so neat to just walk around the gardens and have a nice easy day of walking 6 miles in 93 degree heat, LOL. But, we really did have fun! If you tour the house, get there as early as possible, the house doesn't have air conditioning! I know right! How much does that stink, especially if someone in your group is extra stinky already.

The gardens were beautiful and it takes a lot of people to keep it looking pristine! There is a small waterfall on property and a couple of lakes. They have a mile long row of sunflowers that were blooming when we were there. The winery hallway was absolutely breathtaking and I wish we could have lingered there for a few hours. But we did get wine to take home for later after the baby comes!

Shortly after our trip there the kiddos got sick but they got over it pretty fast, which was good. Then Kyle and I got poison ivy and actually still have it. We are now both on steroids for it, which is helping new spots from appearing, but not helping the current ones from itching! 2 weeks of itching to go, LOL.

We are officially in our 3rd trimester so we have about 11 weeks to go! We had a nice visit in Florida for a few days while we catch up on doctors appts. We will head back down in a few weeks so we can get settled before the baby comes and make the doctors happy with checking the baby so much because I'm old, LOL

Since we have been in Florida we found a wonderful new home for Candy. She is so spoiled already and loving it! We got to spend time with baby Avery and play blocks with her. Matt and Sam came for dinner too!. Hope got to get some experience in and feed Avery her bottle, so I imagine we will have a TON of help with the new baby. A new calf was born on the farm while we have been gone. It was a bit touch and go, but he is doing great now! All the good stuff happens when we leave!

We are getting ready for our baby boy to come and by now I'm just getting impatient! But good things come to those who wait. We are patiently waiting. We have a bassinet, baby wrap, swing, car seat, and clothes! We are trying to do things very minimalistic since we are in an RV this time around! Our bassinet and swing fold flat :-) It's amazing how far they have come with things. See ya at the next update!


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