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To all of you who are joining us here, Welcome! We are super excited to have friends, family and even just people we meet in passing to be following us on our journey! 10 more days till closing!

We have talked to so many people lately that it makes us excited to see who we will meet on the road. The past week has been another whirlwind and has really made us feel comforted with this big leap. I run into people while I'm out with the kids that have traveled and tell us their stories, we have also met people who haven't traveled yet, but dream to.

I will answer a few questions that people have asked about lately. And remember, that you can always ask questions here in a comment or on our Facebook or Instagram pages as well. :-)

Q:  How are you going to travel with your kids full time when they need school? A:  We homeschool. I love it, the kids love it and I am looking forward to having Kevin's help when I need it, since I will be schooling all 4 at the same time now. We are also looking forward to having the kids learn history hands on! All of the museums, historical sights, and such that we will be able to do is invaluable to their learning.

Q:  How will your kids get socialization? A:  With all of the campgrounds, state parks, park rangers, park programs, group activities, full time family rally's, and volunteering various places, the kids will be more than well socialized. They will actually be more socialized traveling than if we stayed here in a house.

Q:  How are the kids taking the move? A:  Better than ever! They are counting down the days to us finally leaving. It's really cute listening to them and where all they want to go and want to see. They each have things that they enjoy and want to experience.

Q:  How do you get your mail? A:  We have an address up near Jacksonville, FL that is just for full time travelers. We treat the address like a residential address. We call them when we get to a place for a week or two and they send us our mail.

Q:  How will you make money? A:  Kevin is a software programmer, and being that he can program anywhere, we can still make money while on the road. He currently works for a company that is flexible with his schedule and he will also take on side projects if he wants to. I will be a health coach and be able to talk to people from anywhere.

Q:  What if there is not a campground available for you to stay at? A:  We have the ability to be "off-grid" for a while if needed. We will have a generator that we can use to power the entire trailer and we're hoping to be places that we really don't need to run our A/C all day (uh, so not Florida, at least not until winter). Once we plan our trip out west, we will be looking into solar.

Q:  What about blowouts? A:  No one is ever prepared for a blowout, however, that is why we opted for a longer trailer with a double axle. We have 2 tires on each side, so if one blows or goes flat, we have the other one to safely pull off and change the bad one.

Q:  Where are you going first? A:  We are planning our first trip around seeing friends and family that we haven't seen in years. This makes the first trip more "planned", but so excited to see everyone! We will only be gone this trip from the first part of August to the middle of December. Then in the first part of 2018 we will be planning our New England trip and seeing a bit of Canada while we are up there. This give us time to get our passports together.What are some questions that you all have, if any? Ask away... visit us on Facebook orInstagram.  Looking forward to hearing from you all. 

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