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We Are Here To Stay (For a Bit Anyway)

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

No one ever knows the future, but in a way I wish we did, it would make things so much easier to make decisions wouldn't it?

As most of you know we are stationary on a cattle ranch with a small campground. We have been since January 15th of 2020, and were scheduled to leave April 15th, only to be here for 3 months. COVID hit, and we stuck around for a bit. Still here in July due to traveling restrictions, the other work campers weren't enjoying it, so Charlie asked if we would start working again. We said yes, our personal work was slow and it gave Sean something to do. Well, in a few short months we worked so much that we didn't even realize that fall was practically over. We didn't hardly do any hiking or personal work and even gave the kids off school during that time. We were scheduled to be here on the ranch until April 2021.

Well, Charlie had the ranch for sale and some people came to see it, they bought it and closed in November of 2020, so, now the ranch has new owners! The new owners are super nice and Sean gets along great with their kids since they are all around the same ages. We share many interests, which is a good thing especially when you are going to be with them for a bit. How long yet, maybe April 2022, with short trips in between busy weekends. There are many things up in the air, but so far so good.

Everything happened fast for us, so the last few months have been a blur, but I think in part because our personal business has picked up and Kevin has been swamped with programming projects, so we have felt very much underwater for a few months. Things are looking up and we can see the light again. Now that spring is in the air here (I know there will still be that last frost somewhere later rather than earlier though!) we are working hard to make things look nice again. It's nice to see the boys working together and Sean is super happy he gets to use all of the equipment! The kids even pitch in with the yard work.

We are still looking for property somewhere, I just haven't found the perfect place yet! When it comes along, we will know it, just having patience and know that it is in God's timing for us. I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason. I can go back 4 years and see why some things have happened the way they have. But, the way that some things just work out is just amazing and I have a feeling this is only the beginning. We have been so blessed in our lives and with traveling, the feeling is really indescribable.

These past long months with COVID hasn't really changed our way of living. We still do all of the things that we used to, like hiking and exploring nature, grocery pickup (because who really wants to spend an hour in the store with 3 kids, LOL), seeing friends that come up here looking to get out of their house because they are quarantined. Overall, it's been great for us, except the fact that we are stationary, but honestly, I don't think we could get our work done if we were moving every week right now. So, sitting still isn't all that bad and we love it here for sure, it's so peaceful and quiet.

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