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Washer and Dryer

I said I would write a post about our washing machine and dryer. We got a Giantex Portable Mini Compact Twin Tub. It is the best invention ever and has saved us a lot of money on laundromats. I set it in our shower, add the clothes and add water through the shower head. Turn on the timer for the agitation, which is usually about 10 minutes, then drain.

Rinse the clothes and add them to the spin dryer. Close the lid to the dryer, set the timer, about 5 minutes and when it stops I hang the clothes to dry the rest of the way. We paid just under 0 for it and I have saved about per week on laundry. So having it for a month already, it has paid for half of itself so far. Doing a load of laundry now takes me about 15 minutes from start to finish instead of the hour it used to take me. I'm elated that it makes life that much easier! And it makes it easier for the kids to help me :-)

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