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Walnut Woods State Park

So this park was very interesting! After setting up and being eaten alive by mosquitoes, we had a neighbor pull up "really fast" in the site next to us with his car, like he was late for a meeting. He pulled out a yoga mat, drank a case of beer while laying on the mat and passed out for a few hours. He left last night around 8 pm after finishing his entire box of beer. Left the cans and the box at the camp site.

Almost hit the lady's jeep next to him and almost hit the dumpster on the way out! I went and let the camp host know. He said, well, he's out of the park now and there is nothing we can do. He probably just came in to relax and drink for a while. It happens all the time. We also could have gotten him on indecent exposure a few times since he liked to pee where ever was convenient! Never again to this state park!

We usually always stay at state parks unless there is no other option. This one is really small, I just think they need more rules and a better camp host. Although, the camp host did come and clean the site up early this morning. There isn't even a check in office here, you just go park and no one checks I things. Kind of like a self-service park but you can make reservations. Very strange...he came back the next day. Set up a tent. No beer.

His mom came brought him a pillow, some snacks, water and bug spray and then left. He got out some papers from a manila envelope and his guitar. Sat there for an hour or so and then left. He finally came back with his mom two days later to get his tent that he never slept in. Not really sure but at least we had a quiet neighbor. Yes, this was almost the most exciting thing about the park in the days we stayed there but we did get to go to Zombie Burger for Lunch, that is in a separate post.

We did get a few things done while we were there like cut the girls hair and replace the rear RV bike rack bumpers. All in all, not a place we would really return to but we made the best of it and the food from Zombie Burger was awesome!


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