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The Future

I have very mixed emotions writing this blog post. We are finally under contract with our home! A very long road, in my option, but I don't like waiting! I have heard many songs the last few days, we've had a lot going on the last few days as well. We've been through birthdays and anniversaries this year that I haven't acknowledged. I have gotten some not so good news, I have also received great news! I just have mixed emotions at times (but don't we all).

We have an awesome realtor! This whole process she has been beside us every step of the way, and at this point, she's probably glad we are finally under contract! The roof was complete Thursday, June 23rd. We got a text June 23rd at 12:02pm and said that a realtor wanted to show the house at 1:15! Uh, ok, we weren't even home. I was a mess, we were supposed to be going to the store, we turned around and drove straight home. I called Sean, told him there was a showing to start getting things ready. Everything was complete, we left at 1pm.

That same evening we received a text saying we got an offer. We called Anne (our realtor) and they offered really low. We countered them and when it was all said and done we had reached an agreed upon price by Saturday evening, June 24th. Now, we were still scheduled to have an open house the next day, so we still did our normal stuff and got ready for that. Sunday came and we went down to Anne's office with the kids and the dog in tow to sign the papers. While I won't write every detail, they wanted my baskets and asked for our dining room table! We told Anne, they can have the baskets, but not the table. They also wanted the hoses outside. It's a small hose that the handle doesn't even come off of, but OK. We can't take it with us anyway!

Anne told us that it will take a specific buyer to like our house because of the way we did the kitchen and it wasn't an open concept. The buyers came in and loved everything about the house. Even the decor! I wasn't really sure what to expect since they can "ask" for things in the house. Thankfully, they didn't ask for anything that we didn't want to give :-)

They were scheduling inspection (which they requested a 10 day inspection period). On Monday, June 26th at 9:31am Anne contacted us and said the inspection was to be Friday, June 30th. Wow! Already, OK, great, we will plan on being out of the house for about 3 hours. That same day they had made their escrow deposit. On Wednesday, June 28th, Anne told us the appraisal would be at noon on the same Friday as the inspection. Uh, OK, they can do both the same day? So, now we plan on being out of the house until 2pm.

The inspection was done and the results came back with only minor stuff. Saturday, July 1st at 1:45 Anne sent us an email with minor stuff that they wanted fixed. Silly stuff, if you ask me. Like the pendant lights they wanted removed, now between inspection and closing everything has to be done by a licensed contractor. To fix the pendant lights, you literally take off the top, unscrew the bulb part and put a cover on. The other two things that they wanted fix, we will have them use the home warranty for. It would cost us twice as much to have fixed right now, and they aren't really problems that affect how things work anyway. We agreed to give them a credit to cover two of the deductibles that they can use on what they want.

Anne called July 2nd at 9pm and told us that the appraisal came through and it appraised for more than what we agreed upon as the selling price! A few other things happened between Saturday and Sunday that we will not mention, but was definitely divine intervention! I was reminded by my aunt that we really do have an on-time God!

On July 3rd we have the inventory list complete and have addressed their problems and extended the credit. This entire process has been hard on not only us, but our kids and our realtor for sure. We did not know what showings were like and we still dislike them. Cleaning each time, moving the cats, gearing up the dog, the stress, the headaches, the short notice, the work! For 90 days!

Now, packing up the house is freeing. Re-organizing the storage unit so everything can fit...not so much!

Matt was approved for his apartment and moves in July 14th! We are so proud of him and how far he has come. We will help him move and then I can start making piles in the house for things to sell and things to give away!

We are all very much looking forward to what the future hold for us all :-)

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