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Stone Mountain, North Carolina

We loved Stone Mountain! This was not Stone Mountain, Georgia, but Stone Mountain, North Carolina. The sites were huge, with few trees, very quiet park and clean bathhouses. Although, I’m not sure about the 10 second water for the shower. You had to keep hitting the button for more water every 10 seconds, not good for people or children with long hair.

The hikes here were amazing and we even did the whole Stone Mountain loop that was 4.5 miles. We love crossing creeks and listening to the sounds of nature. There wasn’t much to do in the area so to say, but plenty of hikes within the park. There were amazing waterfalls and tons of picnic areas that were secluded.

It was here that Hope burnt her wrist on the fire pit, Sean did more acrobatics and played football with Kyle. We relaxed while here for sure and did a bunch of exercise as well. Wait…can you do both? Well, we did. Maybe we relax while hiking? Yep, that sounds about right!

We would totally visit here again to get in some more hiking and relaxing time!

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