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Salt Fork State Park, OH

We stayed here again!!! We love this park, except two things...the long drive into the park and the stink bugs. Both times we have been to this park, we get infested with stink bugs. Then we deal with them for the next 8 to 10 months. But, the location and quietness of the park is worth it.

We always stay in loop E because they have a little playground for the kids that they absolutely love. Well, we do too! you'll see that in the pictures below :-) Last time we stayed in E22, this time we snagged E11. Room for both trucks and the RV on pavement and we get a view of an open field and privacy from the other campers.

The road to the park is long, very long, seems like a 20 minute drive even though it's really not. It's about 4 miles at 35 mph, so you can do the math there! Walmart is about 25 minutes away. There is also a great burger place just down the street called 360 Burgers, it was super good! There are hiking trails, archery, boating, and many other activities at the park. We spent this week doing laundry, a little maintenance and just relaxing getting back in touch with nature. The kids played and had fun, we had s'mores, and of course campfires. It was very relaxing and a big turning point for our whole family. At this park we realized that we miss the mountains oh so much! Back to Cashiers we go and it feels like we can't get there fast enough!

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