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Paynes Prairie State Park

We decided to stay here longer than we have in the past so we could enjoy the trails at the park. Unfortunately, the area got more rain than normal and they had most of the trails closed. Normally, you can see wild horses, alligators, bison, deer and bears. We had heard so many things about the horses and bison, we were so excited.

After a couple of walking trails we made it to the visitor center. Now, it's not your normal visitors's a mile down the road after you pass all of the other things in the park and when you get to the end it's a parking lot. You can't see the visitors center at all. Thankfully, they had a sign that told you which way to go. The park has a lot of potential. It's tight for the longer rigs, the roads are a little torn up, but they are closing the park next month to start making improvements. We can't wait to go back and see it finished.

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