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Our First Week

So, our first week traveling full time was super nice. We went to Lazydays in Tampa. We had to pick someplace close since we had to leave the house the day before closing and still be able to drive back to Pinellas for the closing.

Lazydays was wonderful, hot and buggy, but wonderful. We had basketball courts, a fitness center, crafts for the kids, a pool and a playground. Everyone there was super nice and the whole place is pet friendly except in the restaurants. We walked Diesel each day and he did great, better than we could have ever expected. We spent the week there catching up on things that needed to be done after closing.

Some of you know that before we left, we had a trainer come in and help us with Diesel. He needed to learn some manners and the clicker thing just wasn't working for us. Amanda from To The Rescue Dog Training did awesome! We will definitely be back to see her when we return. Diesel has far exceeded our expectations or even hopes of how he would be when we are camping. We had little dogs run after us and he only let out one bark (I hope to let the dogs know that he was there in case, you know, they didn't see him or something!). We passed people and golf carts and other dogs and he didn't even bother people. However, we do have to work on his manners inside the RV, when people get a little closer than he likes.

When we arrived at Lazydays there were not a lot of people there (that was a Thursday), but then the weekend crowd came. Not that we minded that, however at 4am on Friday morning the RV next to us decided to set up. Let's just say the guys wife was not happy helping him backup his RV. That weekend crowd was pretty quiet. We woke up Saturday morning and had Mimosas and Eggs Benedict to celebrate the closing. The kids had a lot of fun since it was princess and super hero weekend.

We went to the pool and they had a bouncy obstacle course inside the rally center. The girls got to make crowns and Kyle got to make a super hero mask. They got to meet a princess and super hero as well.The rest of the week was pretty quiet, you know except for Emily! Our first week out and Pinellas County got hit with part of a tropical storm named Emily. It barely rained where we were, we got some sprinkles here and there and I think one good downpour. Sean and Kyle didn't let that stop them from playing basketball though. We walked around and looked at some of the new trailers, found our mini me, and some burnt down class A's. We went to the grocery store, got the truck serviced, new tires and picked up our Live Watersports boards. We are ready for adventure now! We did walk to the accessory store with Diesel and took him through the store and even rode the trolley back to the campsite. The kids loved the trolley!

The last weekend we were there was pirate weekend. There were a lot more people and a lot more kids. We did the crafts, but didn't go to the pool party or the boat races at the pool. I think the girls would have gotten trampled a bit with all of the big kids that were there. So, we did a few other things. We left there on Sunday, August 6th and came to our next destination. Which we don't like as much, but that's in the next post.

We would totally recommend Lazydays to anyone, just maybe not during the heat of the summer! Laundry every day was not fun!


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