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Orange Beach, AL

Warning...this is a long post! We were here for almost 2 months :-) We were on our way to Orange Beach to be with my family since my uncle was passing away. We didn't make it to him in time, but my sister was never without family there! We arrived the day before Easter after a 5 day drive with the RV. We were happy to be parked for sure. While we had a long list of things to do, but we knew we wanted to have a little fun while we were there.

  • The kids colored their first ever Easter eggs!

  • Went to dinner for our birthdays at the marina!

  • Finally did the kids first ever Easter egg hunt

  • Went to Tacky Jacks!

  • Sean and I ran in our first 5k at the Zydeco Crawfish Festival and did it again the next day at the Bunny Hop 5k!

  • Found, picked and ate blackberries :-)

  • Went the the park in Fairhope

  • Sean got his first car!

  • The girls enjoyed playing outside

  • Waiting at the tag office for Sean's new car!

  • Had fun at the Mellow Mushroom in Pensacola!

  • We got to the car show at the Wharf

  • Sean had fun with the Kayak in the pool

  • Got us some crazy donuts at Sassy Bass!

  • Went to see the Blue Angels fly

  • Went to Mississippi to pick up books

  • Sean turned 18!!!

  • We watched our first ever Kentucy Derby

  • Saw the Blue Angels fly again!

  • Kyle finally caught some fish, lol

  • Went back through Fairhope!

  • Did some more fishing

  • Took beautiful walks at the state park

  • Went back to Fairhope again for lunch at Panini Pete's

  • The author of Forest Gump

  • Walked through rose gardens

  • Watched storms roll in

  • Watched the storms roll in for our 20th Anniversary

And packed up and left to head to Tampa for the wedding!

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