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Oconee State Park

We have been here before, but in March. We were the only ones besides the camp host! Imagine our surprise when we get here and the sign says campground full. That is 139 sites! How many people do you think that is? There is an average of 6 to 8 people on each site and 2 to 3 cars! So, 139*7 = A TON!

This was a different crowd than we're used to but it was still good and fun. Everyone seemed pretty nice and the office staff was great as well. Being it was 4th of July week they had so many activities planned. We missed quite a few since we left on July 2nd, but we feel that it was a good thing because the people just kept pouring in.

We had many firsts at this park, including first time swimming in a lake, Kyle jumping off the high dive (I even jumped off!), and hiking in swimsuits in the rain. The kids really did have a blast after we loosened up a little and let them be kids. Sometimes we have a problem with that because they'll get dirty, or hurt, or something. The dogs didn't have as much fun as we did this time because they are not allowed in the lake.

We didn't do any hiking on this trip, we did go to Stumphouse Tunnel, with a flashlight of course! It was really neat this time since we could see things and not be scared out of our minds with the darkness. We drove to Pickens, SC to the Burgess & Taylor General Store. It was a cute little store with old fashioned candy, kids toys, books, ice cream and soaps.

We also went to Long Creek, SC to Chatooga Belle Farm and Distillery. We had a wonderful time and they have a beautiful view from their back terrace. We got to pick blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries and see all of the grape vines and apple trees. We toured the distillery next while the kids played outside with Sean. They had wonderful apple brandy and whiskey, we would recommend it to anyone! While we were there we met another full-time traveling family that had just left the week before with their daughters. We chatted a while and then took our food home that was sitting in the truck. We had a super nice day overall.

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