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North Carolina - Winter

We will be doing posts now maybe every other week or maybe even once a month. We are now stationary until March and getting involved in our community here. We have already made friends and attended so many events here. We have had a blast!

We set up a mailbox, met everyone at the hardware store, the post office, bank and library and got our library card.

However, we are getting itchy feet sitting still. We know that in this season of life that we are in this is the best thing for us, just sitting still. Not moving each week has been hard on all of us. We'll, maybe not Sean but he's a different story!

We have started a new business along with our health coaching. We are now independent distributors for a health and wellness company. We sell supplements, hair care and skin care. So, if any of you would like to know more about that, let us know.

2019 looks very promising for us and we are so excited to share our adventures with all of you! We want to take this time to thank all of you for your continued prayers and support, it really means a lot to all of us

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