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Noccalula Falls Park, Gadsden AL

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

We stopped here overnight on our way back to North Carolina because we wanted to see the falls and do some hiking. The park staff were very friendly and the park itself was very clean. The sites are small in length and kinda close together from what we are used to and your water connections are backwards as we had to run ours under our rig to connect on the passenger side of the RV. When we started our hike we had no idea what we were about to run into. We decided to take Jackson in his stroller because the way the map looked and the trail behind the campground it looked pretty flat and level.

BOY WERE WE WRONG! We hiked down into the gorge and had to carry Jackson and his stroller for almost 2 miles on very hilly and rocky terrain as you can see from some of the pictures below. The last part of the hike, to get out of the gorge, we had to climb, yes climb up and out, all while holding the stroller with Jackson sleeping in it! We definitely got our exercise that day and will probably NEVER take his stroller on another hike no matter how easy it initially looks.


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