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Monte Sano

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Monte Sano state park was amazing and we loved every bit of it. The paddle boards are attracting a bunch of people to us that we don’t really expect or necessarily like. I think when we bring Diesel back in December for training that we will also be bringing our bikes, boards and a couple of other things back for storage to lighten the truck. After all, we really don’t need that stuff when you are in 30-50 degree weather and it would make us stand out less….

Of course Walmarts are hit and miss as we’re learning. We finally found a decent one that was closer to the park. It was great! We didn’t really do anything throughout the week besides hike and work. You can even hike to the playground. We had an awesome view of the city from the campsite and each night it was absolutely beautiful. We spent almost every night outside.

We hiked the longest trail and the shortest trail. Most of the trails we just walked from the campground to get to. We picked site 46 and had a bluff view. It was super quiet at night and you were spaced decently apart. While we were close to the bathhouse, we didn’t hear a bunch of noise. Even with the weekend crowd, it was still quiet.

Hiking was great, while not as strenuous as other parks we have been to, most were pretty easy. We will definitely be back to Monte Sano. Also, take note, don’t take Bankhead Parkway (EVER) with an RV. It is not meant for anything over 35 feet. It’s not bad in a car and that’s the road to Walmart, but not for the RV. And don’t freak out with the residential houses going to the park!

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