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Mistletoe State Park, Appling, GA

There are truly no words that could describe this park! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay here and actually stayed an extra week we hadn't planned. When we pulled into this park, we knew we wanted a specific site, site 49, and lucky us, it was open! So, we pulled in, and Kevin dropped off the kids, the dogs, the chairs and me! He took the RV to go dump, these sites are first come first serve. He couldn't even pull out of the pull through site, so he backed out and went to go dump. I had thought about it while he was gone and we decided that when he came back that we wouldn't stay at that site, backing out up hill, was too much.

We drove around to the other loop, which was still lake front, but now 50 amps. We drove around that loop and I saw a site, site 79, but someone was in it, scheduled to leave that day, but was past checkout time. How sad, that one was beautiful. Kevin said that was okay and we drove around the loop again and settled on site 75, it was nice. Right on the lake, but we couldn't walk down to it. We set up and fixed dinner, as we were sitting outside that evening, the site that we were originally in, site 49, and became occupied. Everything was pretty quiet that evening and the people in site 79, finally left.

The next morning, the lady in site 49 was yelling at her husband and we quickly realized that we didn't want to stay there since sound travels very well on water! Kevin and I took a walk and looked at site 79, it was perfect, but there was no way that he was going to pull into this pull through site, he was going to have to back in. He said he could do it and we wanted the solitude and not hearing people across the lake, after all, if they were that loud during the week, what would the weekenders be like?

It took us an hour! Tear down that site, leave Kyle with our chairs and stuff there just in case we couldn't get backed in for some reason, back in new site, get level, set up, go get Kyle and the rest of our stuff and set that up at the new site. Only an hour! And that evening we were so happy that we had moved sites, the sunset that night said it all. We were elated! After that evening, which was now Wednesday morning, we hopped online and scheduled another week, we were in love! And to be honest, I still am.

The girls went fishing for the first time, the kids got to play in the lake and skip rocks. The wind off the lake was nice and kept the bugs down. However, when the storms came through, which was twice while we were there, the site was very windy! There is nothing to do in the area, but that's not why we stayed there, we stayed to relax. We caught up on some work (not much), played with the kids, and helped them get their Georgia state parks badge and the Georgia outdoors badge. They had a blast and learned so much!

We took walks almost daily, watched the sunsets, relaxed in the hammocks, and had fires. We got to see the moon rise, and the couple of nights that I couldn't sleep, I got to see the moon set right over the lake. Each morning, the sunrise was equally as beautiful, although it was behind us, it still lit up the RV inside. Sitting outside listening to the waves on the shore, the boats going back and forth, the geese, the fish jumping, birds chirping, it was all just wonderful. We were there during the full moon, we didn't even need extra lights outside, it was so wonderful.

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