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March/April/May/June Update

Updated: Dec 17, 2021

We've been very busy and very quiet on here, Facebook and Instagram! I keep saying that I'm going to get better at keeping up, but honestly, it's so hard. It's hard to be on social media every day, I find other things that are more important and take up my time, and some things that are important, I can't just find time for them because I am exhausted.

So many things have been happening here on the farm! We got new calves, we lost a calf and a mom, we've chased cows over acres of pastures, we got baby chicks and more baby chicks, and combine that with a lot of mowing, a ton of fence repair and new fence additions, tagging cattle, running the store, reservations and checking in campers, it's been super BUSY!

We got a new rig the beginning of April and we are loving it! I can't wait to take pictures and show you (look for that in a future post!). We haven't really decorated it yet, it's nice having it simple! But I would like some color. They have certainly changed the colors of the new RV's vs the old RV's, although, I never really did like dark brown. We've had some repairs to do and we have a recall on the RV as well already. Lucky us!

We had the turbo hose blow out in the truck this past month. Kevin found the part and we ordered it, he put it in and it's as good as new. We are also have a new auxiliary fuel tank so we won't even need to stop for gas on our Florida trips, LOL. We bought it for towing, so we can get further than 200 miles with the RV before stopping for gas.

In the last 3 months we have managed to sneak in some fun of course! We have celebrated birthdays and officially have another 21 year old, went horseback riding, rescued an ATV, went to a rodeo, rode the Tail of the Dragon, went to the Gatlinburg Sky Bridge, visited Florida and the beaches, visited a restaurant where you can watch the planes take off and land, and visited with Family!

We have an exciting July planned and are looking forward to all that is coming up! Another Florida trip, some stops along the way and family coming up to the mountains to see us!

Hope you all are doing well and finally spreading those wings and getting out!

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