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Little Ocmulgee State Park

We've been to this park before, but only to dump our tanks. It's a nice park and very quiet. We had a great pull through spot that for a change that we actually got to use as a pull through! We didn't do much at the park because most of us were still getting over our colds and some of us hadn't caught it yet. Kevin and I went on one hiking trail, Sean tried fishing, we looked at the nice golf course.

Our first issue was checking in at the lodge. It's a tight parking lot for our big rig to get turned around in. Kevin managed it well and got us to the campground. It is a first come first serve park, so you find a spot you like, you park in it. We drove around 2 times before we finally got our spot and even though we parked next to a walking trail we had a very quiet stay there.


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