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Leveling System

This may sound like we are taking the lazy way out, but man oh man, this was THE BEST investment ever! A leveling system that works by Bluetooth to your phone so you can level the trailer without even getting out of the truck. Insert happy dance!!! We did have to replace the battery in ours when we received it, but it was definitely well worth the money. Kevin can tell us how much we need to go up and on what side, we put the leveling blocks down and he backs it in. Then, he gets out of the truck unhooks and levels the front all within 5 minutes. It has definitely been a life saver.

The only downside that I have found in this system is the battery. You really need to pull it out after you setup everything or the battery just gets eaten! We went through 2 batteries in about a month. Now that we take the battery out, it lasts for a long while.

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