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Lake Guntersville State Park Again

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Ok, so I have to say that we were really looking forward to this park. After all, we were here in January of 2017 and loved every minute of it! We knew we had to come back. However, January and November are totally different in North Alabama. November is beer drinkin', people yellin', corn hole playin', football people! Not saying that's it's bad, but ok, it was bad this time. 10 O’clock at night and people are yelling at their TV’s…outside! Some people had them set up in the bed of their truck and made friends with their neighbors, some just their laptops were outside and others had makeshift tables and just set their TV on it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind football season, but I do appreciate quiet hours.

Our particular neighbor left his outside speakers on after one of the games, so when they started their movie inside their RV, it was playing outside. And it was some war movie, luckily it had decent language, lol. I ended up knocking on their door at 10 after 10 that night to ask them if they can turn it down please. I think they just didn’t know that it was playing outside, because he seemed genuinely sorry and the trailer was fairly new, so maybe he just didn’t realize, but man was it loud! This was just our experience and doesn’t happen every weekend.

In January we had a quiet campground. This week we had a full and noisy campground. And you think people go in after the game is over? Not quite, some people actually slept outside in their chairs. My guess...too much to drink! Especially when we had freeze warnings and they have a camper!

There was no one patrolling the campground after quiet hours and more than half the time the gate to the campground was up. On Saturday we even had a guy in a white SUV offer the kids Halloween candy. Really? I was outside thankfully and told him that they don’t eat candy. He said that’s some good kids’ right there. Just sounded strange. Isn’t the gate there to keep people out that aren’t registered guests? They did add camper cabins at the park now, which has cut down on the number of RV sites there.

When we stayed before in January, we had site G13. This time we had site E34. We loved them both but would ultimately choose E34 again. We had plenty of room for the kids to run and play ball. Sean and I got to play tennis, he played basketball with Kyle, the kids played on the playground, and there was just a ton to do.

I still love this park and we will still be back but between the end of football season and the end of spring. I’ve heard that the winter could be a tough time to camp at the park since the road to the park is steep. If it ices or is snowy, it could be dangerous. The people who work there are super nice and the wildlife is plentiful. The lake is beautiful, peaceful and perfect for paddle boards when the weather is warmer. The trails are great and most are easy, with the exception of the Lodge Trail, it was a little tough. We really can’t wait to go back though!


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