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Lake Glennville, NC

We really enjoyed our stay here, except for one minor thing, the curfew! Yep, they lock the gate at 10pm and there is no code. They re-open it at 8am and quiet hours are until 9am. That one was tough, but do-able. We have family near here and visit with them in the afternoons and evenings throughout the week, and the 10 pm time was tight quite a few nights.

The lake was a blast, we had so much fun paddle boarding and swimming in the lake once we were able to get in. We are required to have life jackets for everyone and one of those ankle straps to tie us to the board in case we fell in. We found the life jackets, but no straps and we used the boards anyway. The boats on the lake go so fast, I'm glad we have boards that don't tip over. Kevin and I shared a board with the girls and it might have gone a little better if we had two paddles instead of one, but regardless, we had a lot of fun.

One day we went on a hike so we could see the whitewater release. It was a super cool experience. We hiked to the base of High Falls which is below a dam on Lake Glennville. There were a lot of people there, more than we thought for sure. It was an easy hike down, but much harder on the way back up. Once they released the water all of the kayakers started getting in the river. They had a 6.43 mile ride down the river. It looked like a lot of fun, but not something that we would try.

On Sunday we caught up on work, and got a few things done at the RV. We met family for dinner, played corn hole and ran around the courtyard they had there. Monday we went and visited again for dinner and kept working on our puzzle and raced the clock home to beat the campground staff before they shut the gate. We had a few minutes to spare, the camp host was driving down to the gate when we pulled in next to the RV. The next day, we got some work done and a project at Susan's. She had some friends visit that night, so we just sent Sean back for the dogs and we all spent the night at their house! Stayed up until 2am and got up to see the sunrise with some coffee.

The following days were really just working and bouncing between the coffee shop and the brewery. They are the places for internet around here! Our service has been very slow and many more weeks of this and we will need to figure something else out! It is just really hard working and not having internet. Kevin can do it fine because he does everything locally and then only needs to upload things. However, I have started new tasks and I require internet every day.

We have really enjoyed these last few weeks and they have been some of our best moments so far. We've laughed and got teary-eyed from joy that we have given to each other. We've also realized one important thing: we will never own an Alexa, LOL! Between Hope and Faith and telling her to put on different music every so often, it would make us crazy. We will miss the area and family for now, but knowing that we get to come back is pure joy!

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