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Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We spent two nights here at Fort Boonesborough, the weather was pleasant and we had a nice time. We arrived on a Thursday and left on a Saturday morning. If you can stand the weekend crowd, then you have a beautiful park during the week. The fort was very neat and the kids really learned a lot about the history and what happened there.

Be warned though, the park is next to a rock quarry and if the wind is blowing the right way then you smell all of the trucks all day. We stayed in site 75, well, because that was one of the few that was long enough for us. We really need the room for the 7 of us, but I wouldn’t mind scaling down a bit maybe :-)

On the weekend, the park was very crowded! Every site was full and people in Kentucky do things differently. They cook breakfast at 9am, over an open fire, they cook lunch around 1pm, over an open fire, and they cook dinner around 7pm, over an open fire. So, all day you smell campfires, which normally would be fine, but when you have 130 some RV’s, tents and pop-ups that are all doing that, it gets a bit overwhelming. We visited the fort during the day on Friday, Sean and Kyle played basketball that afternoon and we stayed inside the RV that evening. The next morning, we took off for Ohio.

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