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Jackson Mississippi

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

So its been a while since we have posted because we have been stationary for the holidays but we intend to change this going forward and hope to have lots more pictures and stories of our adventures in the coming weeks.  So while we have been stationary we decided to go to Jackson Mississippi to visit with some friends in November.  We were there for about a week and we got to visit some of the historic places like the Old Capitol building as well as the new Capitol Building.  We got to visit the Nissan factory and tried some great barbecue and Middle Eastern cuisine while we were.

We we stayed at a nice state park in Jackson called LeFleurs Bluff.  The campground is situated right in the heart of the city of Jackson but yet you would never know it because you are surrounded by nature.  It was a nice break and wonderful get-away and we had a great time visiting with friends.  We got to see the leaves change which is not something we're used to seeing in the south.  What we visit Jackson Mississippi again? Probably not, but we had a great time visiting with our friends and enjoyed the time we had.


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