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It's Official

We are officially full-time! The pictures were taken by Clifford Holensworth ( you can find him here ), he did an awesome job taking pictures. He offered to come to us to document us leaving. These pictures are the true reality of us: Kevin hooking up the truck, Faith and her attitude, Hope playing with a stick, and all the bikes that are now on the back of the RV!

It was actually peaceful pulling out of the house for the last time. Leaving the heavy gate, the bad hill that kept taking out our jack stands, the dog poop pole that we had to dodge each time we pulled in and out. The oak tree had many memories of playing with the kids, but the bad part was all of the ants and branches that fell on top of the RV while we were parked there.

The day of closing was surreal...we had an awesome realtor and a wonderful closing agent. Our realtor met us there and sat with us while we signed the papers. We spoke with the new owners and they seem nice. They are about our age and have two black poodles. They were married just the day before us (but 2 years ago) and had a nautical theme. That's why she loved my anchor nook area so much!

It was hard leaving family, however, we know that this is more for us. We have been living in the RV since January and had to spend a week in the house and we were beside ourselves. The girls seemed unruly, the kids fought, and they begged to go back to the RV. So, that's what we did.

This week I had the opportunity to go back to Pinellas County. I have to say, the minute I got over the bridge all of my anxiety and anxiousness came back. I didn't even think I would make it to the storage unit from the highway. I thought I was going to get sick and I immediately got a headache. Needless to say, Sean drove the rest of the day for me until we went back to Tampa.

I will be approximately a week behind on the blog posts, that gives me all week to take pictures and write our story so you all can see it!

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