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Gunter Hill, Montgomery

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Gunter Hill is on the outskirts of Montgomery. I loved it there. Level and paved sites, but after all it is a COE campground. That is Army Corp of Engineers in case you didn’t know, don’t worry, took us a bit too. The campground is on a lake and most sites on the lake have some kind of view. I took pictures so we would know for next time, because yes, we will come back if we are in the area, but not making a special trip just to go there. One site is super long and has access down to the lake, but the layout of the gravel is weird. The showers and bathrooms are very clean, while we didn’t use them, I did check them out. The laundry room is very clean as well, to wash to dry. We did not use the playground since it is in sand and not like Florida sand, more like clay sand and orange color too.

The campground is great for bikes and walks, they have a little dock that you can sit on and look out over the water. The basketball court was really far away, but it was in a different loop and that loop was closed, so we had to park at the boat ramp and then walk to the courts. But, Sean made friends with the workers and got to play basketball with them when he went.

We have three problems here: mosquitoes, asian lady beetles and the smell. It is a smell of maybe a water treatment plant, but very distinct. On our way into Montgomery today we drove past some interesting things and neighborhoods. We went to the East side of Montgomery and it was beautiful. They had so many places to eat and shop there. This campground is near an Air Force base, which was more evident by the end of the week with the choppers and jets flying on Thursday and Friday. This is a great park for a laid back week, to catch up on work and cleaning! It gave all of us down time, which we really needed. A week was too long though, at least for us.

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