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Ft Mountain State Park

This was a really neat park and it had beautiful views. Short trails to overlooks and longer trails to see neat things. We were in a pull through in site 11 and I’m glad we picked that one. Don’t ever get site 9, one of the hiking trails starts in that site. Our dogs would go nuts! The bath house was also super clean.

We had fun on the trails. They have a tower that you can hike to and it’s open on Saturdays and Sundays only. The kids loved the fire tower and the views were incredible. We also saw the stone wall that makes the park so popular. It is kind of like a bunch of rocks that they piled up to make a wall, not really worth it if that’s the only thing you’re going to see at the park!

Cell service was nonexistent for T-Mobile unless you like to carry on conversations in the middle of the woods. Verizon was pretty good. We got the work done that we needed and got the right amount of play time in too. I was just coming off of being sick for a few days, so we kind of took it easy. This was the perfect park to do it at since the trails were short. The views were beyond gorgeous.


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