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Fall Creek Falls State Park

So upon arriving we found that the staff here was very friendly, however the way we came into the park we happen to be facing the wrong way so we had to go behind the check-in office...sort of a triangle, which is not practical for a long RV.  When we got to our site, site 45, which was claimed to be level with a slight incline, we found out quickly it was no where near correct.  The site did however overlook a field that the kids got to play in.

The hikes were nice and short and the views of the falls were beautiful!  They have a very nice general store and outfitters store as well as what looks like a very nice pool and snack bar.  The pool was closed so we didn't get to see this area as well as we could have.  They also have, what looks to be, a beautiful gold course.  They had a couple of suspension bridges there that the kids loved to cross...massive swinging and all.  Side note:  not for the faint of heart!

The nearest grocery store was about 45 minutes away so come with the food you expect to eat or you'll be making a long drive to get it.  If your going to stay here our suggestion would be to get a full-hookup site but keep in mind campground B is always busier than the campground we were in which was A.

Cell service for Verizon was good but T-Mobile was non-existent.  Don't expect to use the park WiFi called Tengo either because it is lousy and would not allow most of us to even connect and those that could did not get any service that was usable.

There are deer in the park which was really neat except they seem to bring ticks to the campsites.  We took a tick off Hope the second day we were there.  Unfortunately the park never closes and there is no gate to the campgrounds so people drive through at midnight and even at 4am, and on top of that they drive to fast for the campground roads.  Leaving the park we had to visit the dump station, had to park on the wrong side of the dump facilities because they were facing the wrong way.  We then had to back out onto the main park road because the length of our RV restricted us from making the tight turn leaving the dump.

All in all, we did like the park and there were quite a few things to see and do there and we would certainly visit it again!

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