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Drive back to Florida

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

There is only one word for this trip! WHIRLWIND I know we left June 21st from South Dakota. After we left we couldn’t tell you what day it was or even what time it was, lol. June 21st, we stayed in Centerville, SD. June 22nd - Woodward, IA. June 23rd - Edwards, IL. June 24th - Carlyle, IL. June 25th - Grand Rivers, KY. June 26th - McMinnville, TN (Our friends Farm). June 27th - Cleveland, GA. Then, we were supposed to go to South Georgia, but Kevin made a phone call to our family in North Carolina and we changed our route to go stop there.

We arrived on Friday, June 28th with the RV. We got everything unpacked and setup and left Sean there with the dogs to make the drive to Florida on Saturday, June 29th with the kids. Kevin’s grandmother passed away that day, June 29th at 10:50am, Matthew’s 21st Birthday. The memorial service was held on Tuesday, July 2nd, and we left Wednesday, July 3rd to head back to Cashiers, NC. For now we will be hanging out there for a bit again, taking small trips here and there and making trips back to Florida to visit.


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