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Cloudland Canyon State Park

We have been to Cloudland Canyon before, but we had a different site this time, actually 2! We arrived on a Tuesday and decided to stay until Friday. The weather was great, we could have windows open and everything! The kids had a playground right behind our campsite and were the only kids on it all week. Hope hit her head on the slide out, but our site was really tight. We were about 3 inches from hitting the back fencing with the rack on the back of the RV. We didn’t do much except school and work and a couple of hikes.

We decided to stay another day and leave on Saturday instead. I went up to make reservations and we got a site in the east rim that we loved. So, I used our points and got a free night. Friday morning we got up, packed up some and went to check into our new site for 1 night. Well, the made a mistake and we didn’t have a site now, but my receipt showed that we did. So, the park manager got involved and we not only got that night free, but the next night too, so we decided to stay until Monday! Our new site (69) turned out to be more perfect that we could have hoped!

Friday night the kids had a blast playing until well after dark, almost until 10! A little out of our comfort zone, but with all of the kids at the campground, and us visiting with the parents by the fire, we knew it would be ok. The youngest ones were 5, and the oldest were 13. A very wide age range, but they all played together so nicely. The girls found some girls their age to play with and had a blast. Kyle played with the older kids of course and were playing cops and robbers until quiet hours started.

Saturday was the Easter egg hunt and the kids had so much fun, Faith won a basket and was so proud and shared it with Hope and Kyle. They did crafts and played with the kids more before they left. Most of them left early because there was a bad line of storms coming in and they were in tents. Half of the campground left by Saturday evening. Sunday the rest of them had left and we were alone again.

Monday we made the drive to McMinnville, TN to visit with friends from High School!

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