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Cedars of Lebanon, TN

Upon arriving at Cedars of Lebanon, after checking in and setting up, we decided to go to dinner at Cracker Barrel. Word of warning... do not go into Lebanon, Tennessee if you don't have to. We encountered the most rude people we have ever encountered in our 2 years of traveling. Not only were they rude on the road but in person as well. Not one thing about the the entire trip to dinner was enjoyable. However, there is a silver lining to this... instead of driving into Lebanon we decided that the rest of the trip we would go to Murfreesboro to do our shopping or running into town for things and its a night and day difference. People there were very nice and considerate.

The park itself was nice and quiet. We had a pull-through spot for the RV that faced the woods so the kids and the dogs had a place to play. Internet service there for T-Mobile and Verizon wasn't the greatest but with our cell booster everything worked fine and we had no trouble getting things done as we needed. They had a small disc golf course there that Sean and Kevin played and plenty of places to go out and throw a frisbee. While we were there that weekend there was a food truck that rented one of the RV spots for the weekend so we decided to go try the food since this was a new one for us. The name of their company is Grill Worx by John and Angela Boone, and they also do catering and events. Sean decided to try their bacon cheeseburger, cajun fries, garlic parmesan fries and Nashville Hot Wings! Sean of course shared the food so we all tried a little bit.

The food was wonderful and the Nashville Hot, Hot Wings....well lets just say they are HOT but awesome if you like that kind of thing. Would we return there? Yes, I believe we would. It was a very nice park, friendly staff and had a few things to do to keep you busy.

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