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Camp Creek, WV

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

We arrived on Sunday, October 1, 2017. It is a very quiet, quaint park. There are about 25 sites in here and about 5 people on any given day. More people arrive in the evening for a stopover since we are just less than 2 miles from I-77. The best part is that you can’t even hear the traffic because we are down in a valley. We found the Walmart and did some grocery shopping at the exit with the West Virginia welcome center. It was interesting for sure.

Monday we took it easy since Kevin worked all day, we left after work and took a 2 mile bike ride, and played on the playground. There is hardly anyone here, even the tent sites are empty. The waterfalls are dry, but the weather and leaves are beautiful!

Tuesday we went for two hikes, one to Camp Creek falls and the other hike to Campbell Falls. Both were equally wonderful, but still no water. We walked up Campbell Falls as far as we could go before we actually hit water, just not flowing water.

Wednesday was maintenance day on the RV. We went for a quick hike in the morning and stopped at the camp store for a bag of souvenir rocks. Who said we wouldn’t turn this into the “Long, Long Trailer”, LOL. That afternoon, we cleaned and did some maintenance while the kids did school work.

Thursday was field trip day and we decided to visit Beckley and visit an old mining town. When we got there and tried to schedule our tour we were informed that 2 busses of junior high kids were due there any minute, but we were welcome to ride with them down into the mine. We decided to just tour the small town and wait for the next tour. We got to go down into an old mine on a mine car and see the equipment that they used and where they used to mine coal. It was a really neat experience and of course the tour guide asked if anyone had questions and of course Kyle did. Want to know what he asked? Where did the miners go to the bathroom? He made everyone on the tour laugh.

Friday we went to Pipestem Resort State Park. We rode the tram to the bottom to explore the river and see the resort. It is a really neat place, and not many people. Although, some of the trails were closed. It’s just too late in the year to be this far north unfortunately. So many things are only open on weekends or not at all now.

Saturday we went for bike rides again before locking them up to leave. We went to the grocery and filled up the tank with gas. I did laundry again and we just got stuff cleaned up for our move the next day. We needed to beat hurricane Nate to Virginia. We’ve had the trailer just over a year and have never had to tow it in rain. I think we’ve been really blessed in that aspect.

We loved Camp Creek and would definitely visit it again. However, their internet is spotty and you’re in a hole, so cell service is nonexistent unless you drive outside the park. Verizon wasn’t too bad, but hard to stream movies, but it worked for what we needed.


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