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Camp Creek, WV

This is the second time we have visited this park, we love it here. Our drive to get there this time was different, we had to take the highway something that we really didn’t want to have to take. There was a bad storm coming towards us so we decided to stop at a rest area, unfortunately, that rest area was for cars only. The wind started picking up so I found a Walmart just off the interstate that we could stop at and wait out the storm. While we were waiting we were looking up traffic and had to change routes due to stopped traffic on the interstate. The storm literally split around us again and gave us a great opportunity to leave and keep on driving. It took us so much longer to get to the park that way and we went down roads that were not made for RV traffic!

We got to the park, checked in and set up and a really bad hail storm hit. We’ve never been in a hail storm before, marble size hail and our solar panels are still ok. That was a relief, however, the power went out. At this park, no power means no water either because they rely on pumps to get the water to each site. We did freak out a bit, lol. But God sent us a great test with this. We could completely rely on ourselves and our equipment. We ran our generator up until 10 pm and kept our food cold, ran the inverter and relied on our battery bank that night. Slept with the windows open and still got to have coffee in the morning. We started the generator again that morning and went to the office to check when the power may be back on. While we were there they gave us a bag of ice to keep our food cold if we needed it, we just put it in our freezer since we had the generator running. The power came back on around 1 pm.

This is a wonderful park to relax and take walks. We took a walk around the sites that are electric only and fell in love with one that the creek runs behind. We asked the office to move sites and they let us and we extended our stay 5 days. The creek site was absolutely wonderful and of course that next weekend we lost power again with a bad wind storm. They said it happens all the time. It was nice listening to the rushing water with the cool breeze while the power was out that evening. And the girls got to have their first whistle pop!

The staff and camp hosts are super nice and really take the time to get to know you while you are staying there. It was really neat to watch the water level change with the amount of rain that we got. When we first got there, the creek was small and we could walk to the other side, in the middle of the stay the creek looked more like a raging river, and by the end of the stay the creek was back to the same height that it was when we got there. We love this park and will most definitely be back!

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