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Alum Creek

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

I love this state park. However, they only have electric hookups, no water or sewer. That’s ok though, we are on the lake, with a trail from our campsite to go down to it, very secluded spot. We could get the boards down and launch from right here, but I think the water might have been chilly since the high is in the high 60’s. The park itself had a very nice little library that you could borrow a book from. Kyle picked out Ramona and her mother, I remember those books and I was so happy he enjoyed it. We bought the rest of the books on Kindle so he can finish the series. I honestly don’t know what we would do without the kindle since collecting books makes the RV too heavy.

Because Alum Creek is a state park, they have a playground, basketball courts and just fun stuff in general for the kids to do. The park itself has 50 miles of hiking trails which we didn’t even try to do. The purpose of the trip there was to visit with my dad’s sister, Marilyn. Usually, we go and drive a couple of hours to go see her, stay for an hour and then leave. We stayed close this time, just a short 20 min drive. It was super nice to be that close to her and to see her throughout the week. We visited with her on Tuesday (a couple of times) and then again on Thursday. We got to stay about 3 hours each visit and just spent time talking. The kids had a great time and loved playing with her collection of toys from when her boys were younger.

We had about 3 days of rain while we were there, but that didn’t stop us from going to see the dam! We drove there and parked, we didn’t realize that you could walk to the top of it. The kids wanted to go so bad, so we finally said ok. That was a ton of stairs! Such a neat thing to see and I would not want to be up there when they release those waters! While I’m not afraid of heights, being up at the top even scared me a little. Back down the stairs we went and headed to get dry. We did visit the visitor’s center while we were there to learn about the dam and why they built it, great history lesson for the kids and even threw some math and science in there with how the locks and dam gates work!

We weren’t sure how 5 days without water or dump was going to go, but we did it, and still had room to spare. We had to fill up our water tank once. I bought three 6 gallon water jugs so it only takes 2 trips to fill the fresh tank and thankfully, our grey tank is twice the size of our fresh, so we can fill up the fresh when we get there and fill it one more time and stay parked. We headed out on Friday to Amish Country!

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