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A.W. Marion State Park, OH

What can be said about this park? Not much, but a lot at the same time. It started out very interesting that you really had to be there to understand, however, I will try to explain it.

The campground is small, very small. Maybe 20 some sites. Port-A-Potties, 2 brand new flush toilets, mainly tent sites, no showers. Our site happened to be in between 2 trees, we couldn't even pull back all the way because then, we couldn't put our slides out. Not pulling back all of the way meant not parking the truck in front of us, so we parked in the dirt, no problem. We un-hooked and then plugged in the power, there wasn't any. Wait, what? No power. I went to the front office and he said, yeah, we've been having problems with that box. Let me see if it works. Ok, but didn't we just try that? His little night light worked that he plugged in, but the camp host kindly reminded him that he could also power that little night light with a potato!

So, we hooked back up and moved to a different site, one that they couldn't rent because it is for a camp host. Right smack in the middle of the park, in the middle of the tent section too! But, that's ok, we were not going to let it ruin our weekend. We were right next to the basketball courts, that was good and bad. There were many people in and out of that park all weekend, into all hours of the night. Some set off fireworks, there were many water balloon fights, and a couple people filled up pools. Yep, pools! We had a few long nights for sure. And gave the kids showers outside in the baby tub.

We survived the holiday weekend and left the day after everyone else and went to use the dump station and it was full. How in the world does it just get full? They were on some kind of septic or something.

We probably won't be back to that park unless it is a last resort for sure. And definitely won't be back over a holiday weekend!

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