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100 Days!!!

This past Saturday we hit 100 days on the road! It still seems surreal that we are not on a vacation or that we don't have a house to go back to.

Things that stand out in our minds in our first 100 days:

1. There have been more people that have knocked on our RV door in the last 100 days, then we got all year at a house! Seems strange right? People feel the need to just knock, but from some of the stories that I've heard, I'm glad ours decided to knock, lol... We've had people ask us to church, ask us about our SUP boards, and ask us about the RV (apparently many people haven't seen so many windows on an RV?), just to name a few.

2. People are really nice! And campers just give away stuff! Our neighbors have given us everything from dishrags that they've knitted, to fire wood and even DEF for our diesel truck! And if you have a question, everyone in the listening area will be happy to help :-)

3. People will wave us down everywhere just to ask us about the SUP boards. One lady caught us at an intersection, she thought they were racing kayaks. We also had a mailman think they were racing kayaks. One lady in a campground thought they were special kayaks that couldn't flip over. Someone stopped us about the "giant canoes" on our truck. We've had people think they are some type of pontoon that we connect together before going out on a lake! It's amazing what people can come up with.

4. Not all Walmarts are the same. Some you go to are just in the wrong part of town. Note to self: Google Earth the areas better :-)

5. Verizon is much better than T-Mobile!

6. Facebook RV community is on their toes and full of knowledge. The problems that we have run into have been answered quickly. What problems do you ask? Our hot water smelled a bit when coming out of the faucet. The fix was to clean the hot water tank with vinegar. That has been our only major problem so far.

7. Don't rely on a generator! Especially in 98 degree heat! It may decide not to work and then you're sitting there trying to fix it for 2 hours. Yep, been there.

8. Some parks don't allow wood fires. So, we took a friends suggestion (Thanks Turk!) and bought a small propane fire pit with folding legs from Ace Hardware. We got the last one, a floor model and got a great discount!

9. We have met so many new friends. We have gotten so many tips too! Really invaluable. To name a few: Butch giving us tips to backing in successfully on the first try. Dave and his list of places to see in the New England area. Kathy and Kenny and all of their great tips. Sal and his fire starters. Turk giving suggestions on what grill to use. Gary and the flojet. There has been so many more as well.

10. Most people that we meet only wish they traveled full time like we do, there is so much support from the people that we have met, and a ton of people know about homeschooling. The kids love to carry on conversations with camp hosts and really anyone with a pet, except birds. Diesel and the girls don't care for the loud parrots.

I'm working on a Q&A and we've gotten so many we are saving them for the next post. If you have any questions you want answered, let us know on Facebook ASAP. We are posting it this week!


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