What We Do

We've been asked by so many people what we do to make money while on the road so we thought we would take this time to share with you "What We Do". I am a software developer / IT Director and I work for a communications company designing and developing software applications. I also take on the occasional website. Melissa (my wife) is in the Health and Wellness industry and she provides ways to help people be their healthiest! Our goal when we set out was to help as many people as we could while we traveled and taking that to heart what better way to help people than to help them be healthy! Let me explain...

Our Story...


In 2017 we sold the house to set out on the open road but not without issues of our own. Melissa (my wife) had extreme anxiety on the road, especially when towing the RV. It was so bad that she was in tears a lot of times because she couldn't deal with the stress. Sean (our second oldest child) suffered from severe and debilitating migraines." So at this point your thinking, why in the world would you set out to travel when you have these kind of issues!

Melissa started going to school for her Naturopathic Degree and in the process found a healthy eating plan, supplements that help activate your body the way that God intended and using essential oils and herbs. All three of these things have helped our family tremendously and Melissa doesn't have anxiety anymore and Sean is migraine free. Melissa has a love for helping others and loves to share what she has learned. If you'd like to learn more specifically about what Melissa does feel free to contact us at the email below.

So this is "What We Do" and we love it! We get to travel, home-school our kids and show them all the amazing things there are to see around this country. We've often thought to ourselves, we should have done this sooner, but are so blessed to be able to do this now! We have made so many friends since we started traveling and we wouldn't change that for anything.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us at info@mapshocked.com

See you on the open road!