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Sleeping Bear Dunes, National Seashore

I would not care if I never did the dune climb again, LOL! That thing kicked our butts! The park was great and was very neat to see. I never expected Lake Michigan to be that pretty. It was a bit hazy at times due to the smoke from the wildfires in Canada, but we couldn't smell it at all. There are so many hikes at this park and we were still trying to get Jackson to like sitting in the backpack. So, we have found that the only way that Jackson likes it is if I'm carrying him. That makes some of our hikes tough, so we couldn't complete all the ones that we wanted to do.

My favorite place was Inspiration Point. If I didn't have the kids in tow, I could have sat there for a while just taking it all in. And the girls loved sticking their feet in the lake.

There are a ton of warning signs telling you not to go down the dunes, yet people still do. We even saw two of them trying to get back up. They'll be there awhile, lol.

Cherry Public had a ton of cherry stuff to choose from. It's definitely a different type of cherry that what we are used to, all of it still very good. The cherry creme soda was our favorite.

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