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Moccasin Creek

We absolutely love this park. What do we like the most? Well, the view, listening to the creek, campfires and fishing, of course! But, we had the best site in the entire park! The first day we got in we setup and took it easy. And by easy…that means fishing, grilling out and a campfire that day. We arrived on a Saturday, which was actually pretty nice. We typically don’t arrive places on weekends because of the large crowds, but this one was fairly quiet.

Just like last year, Kyle fished daily and did manage to catch one fish, a blue gill sun fish! He was so happy, that he ran to the campsite with the fish on the pole still, lol. Kevin got it off and put it back in the creek. Funny thing is, they only stock trout! They stocked it a few times while we were there. There were a few people there that remembered us from last year, because they were camping there too in March of last year. Each person that has given Kyle tips for fishing, if you are reading this, thank you! He comes back and tells us each tip and he remembers them for next time! You each have played a special role in his life growing up for sure!

Kyle had a blast and got to know everyone in the campground. The girls enjoyed fishing and playing on the playground. Kevin and I enjoy the peacefulness of the creek and having the windows open. We didn’t do any hikes, or go into town except to get groceries for our upcoming boondocking trip. Since this was our first trip out in a while we were really just getting a feel for everything again. After setting up, the only thing we missed was leveling the RV side to side. So, we were a bit off all week, but it wasn’t bad.

All in all, this was a great trip. We probably won’t be back next year in March, but if we are in the area, we will definitely try to stop here again.


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