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Chamberlain, SD

In Chamberlain we saw the Dignity Statue at the rest stop and walked through Lewis and Clark museum. I love going to places like this because the kids can learn so much. The views were amazing from the top and could overlook the Missouri River. The walk around was nice as well. Chamberlain itself was a very small town and the food super expensive! We stayed at Arrowwood RV Park, it was nice and quiet.

We overlooked the river and the breeze and temps were wonderful. The RV Park is on the same property as a hotel so you get to use the hotel amenities like the pool, hot tub and fitness center. There is a small playground on the property, but a few of the things are rusted through and really don’t look safe. We would come back to stay, but to pass through the area as there isn’t much to do there.


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